What causes tooth decay? When we eat and drink, the bacteria in plaque use the sugars in food to make acid. Some food and drinks, such as soft drinks and fruit rollups, are already acidic. This acid makes holes in the teeth.   Tooth friendly food and drink examples Eggs Meat and fish Plain milk Water Tea Cheese Whole meal breads, pasta & rice Whole meal crackers Nuts Porridge   Tooth enemy examples   X […]

1. Brush your teeth twice daily (at least!) This removes dental plaque, which is a build up of bacteria and food debris Helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease Freshens your breath 2. Clean between your teeth Use floss or interdental brushes every night Food and bacteria gets trapped between your teeth and the toothbrush alone can’t removed it, therefore it’s a common place for tooth decay Ask your dental team for a demonstration 3. […]