1. Brush your teeth twice daily (at least!)

This removes dental plaque, which is a build up of bacteria and food debris
Helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease
Freshens your breath

2. Clean between your teeth

Use floss or interdental brushes every night
Food and bacteria gets trapped between your teeth and the toothbrush alone can’t removed it, therefore it’s a common place for tooth decay
Ask your dental team for a demonstration

3. Reduce sugar intake and frequency

Avoid sugary snacks and drinks
Never have sugary foods and drinks last thing at night
Never put sugary drinks into a child’s bottle or sippy cup
Drink water!
Educate yourself on tooth friendly foods

4. Attend your Dentist regularly

To maintain a healthy mouth and avoid unnecessary dental treatment
Dental disease is mostly preventable

5. Add fluoride to your regime

A naturally occurring substance that helps prevent cavities
You only need a smear of toothpaste for children

6. Spit don’t rinse

Remember fluoride protects your teeth, so don’t rinse it off after tooth brushing
Leave it on

7. Brush your tongue

Your tongue is full of bacteria, food debris and dead cells
Brushing your tongue greatly improves your breath and taste buds

8. Encourage your family to do the same

Good oral health is vital to a healthy life
Your oral health has an effect on your whole family
Be a good role model

9. Keep healthy

Oral health and general health go hand in hand
Many connections have been made between poor oral health, heart disease and general wellbeing to name a few
Smoking can cause gum disease not to mention respiratory and heart problems

10. Smile!

A healthy mouth gives you the confidence to smile

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