Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity Have you ever had a sharp pain when eating ice-cream or drinking cold water? Tooth sensitivity is a common problem and can effect peoples enjoyment of certain foods and environments. Sometimes even breathing in cold air can be uncomfortable. Causes of tooth sensitivity There are several different causes for tooth sensitivity. Thinning or wear of the enamel (outer protective layer) of the tooth can result in sensitivity to cold. Gum recession, exposing the

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening When you think of teeth, most people think of them being white. Most people’s teeth naturally are not perfectly white, they vary in colour. Teeth also begin to turn yellower and darker as we get older. There are many reasons why teeth can become discoloured over time, here are a few: Aging Tobacco use Injury to teeth Contact with stain causing food and drinks over time (such as coffee, red wine, black &

Why are my gums bleeding?

Why are my gums bleeding?   The most likely cause of bleeding gums is a build-up of bacteria (plaque) around your teeth. This bacteria causes your gums to become inflamed and swollen. When you brush or clean between your teeth the inflamed gum tissue bleeds. Healthy gums do not bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. Bleeding gums can lead to the gum and bone shrinking around your teeth. This can result in teeth

Do you suffer from cold sores?

Help is at hand… Product Update Nip-it Healing Balm is a natural remedy that can help shorten the lifespan and prevent the cold sore virus. The active ingredients are Liquorice Root and Lemon Balm. These ingredients are well known for their anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The Balm is also great for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Cracked lips, Skin Irritations, After Tattoo Balm and a everyday lip balm. Nip-it has been created by our Dental

All you need to know about crowns

What is a dental crown? A dental crown is an artificial covering for and existing tooth. It can strengthen a decayed or broken tooth and also improve its appearance. Why do some teeth need crowns? Dental crowns are used to protect a tooth that has been weakened because of decay or breakage. A tooth that has a crack in it can be strengthened by having a crown placed. Heavily worn teeth can be rebuilt with