When did you start working at Ascot Dental?


I bought the practice in December 2014. The previous owner (now retired) approached me earlier that year when he was looking to sell his practice. The practice has been caring for generations of families in Ascot and surrounding  suburbs for over 50 years.

We aim to provide a personal service allowing people to make informed choices about their dental health.



How long have you been a dentist?


I have been a dentist for 15 years. I graduated from the University of Dundee (Scotland) in 2001. I then undertook 2 years of postgraduate training in Edinburgh. After that I worked in private practice in Edinburgh for 6 years before moving to Brisbane. When I arrived in Brisbane I worked at Dental Wellness in The Gap and then Alderley Dental. I have also taught dental students at The University of Queensland on a part-time basis.



Where were you born?


I was born in Glasgow and grew up in Crieff, which is a small village in central Scotland.



What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?


I love skiing and I’d have to say skiing down The Mer de Glace (Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France) was pretty incredible. At times I was questioning myself as to why I wanted to attempt such a thing but the feeling when I made it to the bottom I will never forget.



What is your Favourite holiday destination?


That’s a tricky one. When I was living in Scotland my wife and I visited a little island off the coast of Italy called Ischia. It was an adventure just to get to, taxi, plane, taxi, boat, taxi. It was like nowhere I have ever been. The food was sensational, it had natural thermal waters and so much history. We explored the Amalfi coast, climbed Mt Vesuvius and visited Pompei. It was so memorable, we’d love to go back with our kids.

Now living in Brisbane I would say that the Sunshine Coast is my favourite spot to spend a long weekend with the family.

We are lucky to have such world-class beaches on our doorstep



What do you do when you aren’t working?


To be honest; sleep, cook dinner, pack lunch boxes, do the washing, take the bins out and cut the grass! On occasion maybe a little golf, tennis and going to the beach with my wife, 2 boys ages 4 and 6 and our dog.



What does the future hold for Ascot Dental?


Well, we are currently looking for a new premise to make way for the new Silk development. Although the move was a bit of a shock after only just buying the business we are looking forward to creating a fresh and updated premises. The timing of the move is still to be decided, so watch this space..



Mont Blanc















Stunning Ischia















To find out more about Ascot Dental and Dr Cane visit;

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